Ruralism: a life and a theory

I am a person who invests a considerable amount of time and energy in preserving land and enjoying outdoor hunting sports.  Humanity as a whole has distanced itself from Nature and our appreciation of it.  Few people in the world understand that nature is a chaotic violent world.  Disney like visions of pastoral peace are just anthropromorphized views of our natual world. Nature is a continuous shift in equlibrium.  I hope that in my lifetime we can expose younger generations to nature in all its glory.    

I am very interested in changes in the wildlife in my local community.  My own personal experience includes watching the shift in the ecology of Georgia, the spread of white tail deer in the 1970’s, the wild turkey in the 1980’s , followed by the coyote in the 1990’s.  The success of these species comes at the expense of others.  The coyote in particular seriously damaged red fox, gray fox and bobcat populations.  In a attempt to dominate a territory, the coyote killed competitive species.  In recent years these species have managed to come back by populating areas closer to civilian neighborhoods than the coyote would comfortably inhabit.

Other species that have successfully restored populations include armodillos, wood duck, bluebirds, and other songbirds.  Why are these species becoming so successful in recent years? I ask that question and hope that I can understand it a little better in coming years.

I enjoy spending time in nature and pride myself in understanding my surroundings.  I hope that I understand the natural balance of conditions and will instill this understanding in coming generations.

I also hope that I can help children understand the value and responsibility of caring for other creatures.  Too few people realize that life and in particular life in America are gifts that must be earned through hard work and diligence.  A child that cares for an animal learns an important lesson in accountability and work ethic.  I think these values translate into all areas of life.

I know this is all very idealistic.  However, I believe in coming years misunderstandings about nature will cause serious controversy.  Urban intelligentsia will confuse education with understanding.  Rural knowledge will continue to be belittled and thought of as ignorant.  The majority urban culture will dominate and govern the rural minority.

The case model of this disaster is England.  98% of the country is urban.  The urban culture decided that foxhunting is too cruel and now it is outlawed.  Foxhunting is a violent sport.  It was decided that the stress put on the fox by running away from dogs was unnecessary.  Kinder ways of thinning the fox population include poison or shooting.  Regardless of your beliefs about this sport, the issue about animal welfare has been tried in a court of law.  If humans convey human beliefs about stress and cruelty to animals then all of human society is under attack. 

The HSUS (Humane Society of United States) is an organization whose mission is “a meatless, petless society.”  They believe all pets should be euthanized to free them from their enslavement to man.  Currently, this organization earns $160,000,000 per year which they put primarily to political campaigns.  Their political friends help push legislation to eliminate hunting and surprisingly they are very successful.

I believe in the stewardship of nature.  Man’s role in the planet involves the entire ecosystem.  As stewards we should help promote the success of species and realize at the same time that the planet is constantly changing.  These changes may eliminate species that are unable to adapt.

 I hope that the emphasis on urban living will diminish and that people will incorporate nature and the outdoor world into their families’ lives.


8 Responses to “Ruralism: a life and a theory”

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    mason & ruralism

    all right! way to post!
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